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tinyturtleneck's Journal

hello, my name is james. i am four seven SEVENTEEN TWENTY-EIGHT months old and very very big. but i'm awfully clever so i've made a livejournal to write down all my smart ideas in! :)
"ar ar ar", "i love chocolate", "nee naw nee naw", aeroplanes, alan, balamory, bananas, birds, bob the builder, books, bryce, buster, cara, cara's mummy and daddy, cars, chicken, chocolate, cleaning up, colouring in, crackers, crayons, dancing, denzel, duplo, emma, everythingishouldn'ttouch, fire engines, fireman sam, food, giving buster biscuits, granny & grampa, having tantrums, helicopters, hitting the piano, juice, kendra, kicking footballs, lewis, lots of food, milk, millie, mummy, my bike, my friends, my teddies, my toys, my tractor, noddy, opening the fridge, police cars, police men, pulling hair, rubaddubers, shelly, sleepy teddy, throwing stones